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Han Qiaosheng: football as the fate not if only the Han Qiaosheng semi-final between Holland and Argentina, ultimately through penalties decided the final tickets. Before th Tory Burch Outlet Online e game, the orange army reached the final of the voice of the highest, the result is pampas eagle wings, Tango Legion was heading to the Maracana tickets. Football as the fate, not if, only the results! The Holland keeper made by the netizens like PS Holland team won the second runner up Robben Van Persie spoof from Holland's World Cup held a press conference Van Gaal red eyes this is the Argentina team back into the World Cup finals for the first time in 24 years. At the same time also confirmed the Holland team is not good at penalty kick, after the game, write on the face full of disappointed Holland coach Van Gaal very helpless, if there are fourth substitutions, he will change the goalkeeper Krull penalty, but things have not changed, life is not if, only accept the naked reality. The Brazil Tory Burch Reva Flats On Sale World Cup, orange is the most ever for a national unity, which also makes the Holland team in the first few races are the big reversal in the backward situation. "Undead warriors" to describe the Holland team should be the most appropriate, the final result will make you sad. But this is football. Seek truth from facts to speak, the game, Messi had some stroll from first to last, while Robben was trying to run, but sometimes fate is so ruthless, the Holland team had to face and accept only the final fate. Oh! Orange is the world cup the biggest victims, four years after Russia, Holland team still have the chance? In fact, this game is a lot of people have the feeling of deja vu. Now Argentina is like Argentina in 1990; and this year in Holland and the 2000 European Cup in H Cheap Tory Burch Bags olland is very similar, the only difference is, the team morale, unity, team playing cadenza extremely, but the knockout suddenly be cast into the shade, was born in Holland but was killed in the attack, the point of death. The Biancocelesti in group and knockout performance is not outstanding, the general process, but the results are satisfactory, from this point on, I admire even more of Argentina's heritage, like Germany, low-key, the doctrine of the mean, but eventually win. As the saying goes: know yourself as well as the enemy, know yourself. In the game, the most important is aware of our own strength, know your opponent's weak point, this is a victory of the prerequisite, the German team is doing well, the Netherlands, a two teams have done a good job, but the sports match only one result. A European team Tory Burch Bags Sale and South American team in the final, I think this is the most perfect in this World Cup ended, the Germans could break the European team can not win in the Americas World Cup curse? Hope the two teams with a great game, to write a new football history.

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